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Your Government
View information about the County Auditor.

Board of County Commissioners
Review details about upcoming meetings for the Board of County Commissioners and read through recent agendas and minutes.

Clerk of Courts
Check out how the Clerk of Courts provides clerk services to all of Washington County.

Common Pleas Court
Look over the court and its many facets, including the bailiffs, judges, and staff.

Get the details on how the county engineer is responsible for all county roads, bridges that have a ten foot span and larger on township roads, and all bridges and culverts on county roads.

Juvenile Court
See how the Juvenile Court handles different types of cases involving those under 18, including the following: abused, neglected, dependent, unruly and delinquent children; juvenile traffic offenders; custody, visitation; parentage; child support actions; and cases charging adults with contributing to the delinquency or unruliness of children.

Municipal Court
Find information on the workings of the Marietta Municipal Court.

Probate Court
Access information on the jurisdiction of the Probate Court which includes estates, guardianships, trust, adoptions, mental commitments, wrongful death cases, minor settlements, and name changes.

Retrieve details about how the prosecutor serves the county on a daily basis.

View the various responsibilities and duties of the county recorder.

Review how the Sheriff's Department helps Washington County stay peaceful throughout the year.

Township Trustees
View a list of Township Trustee meeting and contact information.

Check out how the county treasurer collects taxes and processes other payments throughout the year.