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Real Estate & Mobile Home Tax
Ohio Real Estate Taxes, commonly referred to as "property taxes", and Mobile Home taxes are collected by the county treasurer twice a year, based on the assessment of value made by the county auditor. Property and mobile home tax collections take place in February or March (called the "first half" collection) and July or August (called the "second half" collection). The exact dates change from year to year and the due date is noted on your tax bill.

In accordance with state law property taxes are billed at the end of the year in which they are assessed. Thus the taxes billed in December 2015 (and due in February or March 2016) are the taxes assessed for the first half of 2015. Although you will normally be billed for property taxes twice a year, you may also choose to pay once per year.

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Funding For Schools

Property taxes are the main source of revenue for school districts; between 70 and 75 cents of every dollar of your tax payment goes to your local school district. The total breakdown of each parcel is listed on the bottom of your tax bill underneath your name and address for your review.


At this time, the land and building values indicated on the 2015 tax bill payable in 2016 may not reflect the newly proposed land and building values that have been determined by the Washington County Auditors Office. The new values will appear on this web site after they are certified by the State of Ohio in late December.Please note that the proposed new values may be viewed on the Washington County Auditors website.

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