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I work on a daily basis with the farmers and landowners of Washington County. Some of the work I do is visiting farms to help to improve their property, doing visits on properties where landowners have a concern, or answering questions and sharing ideas about projects the landowners/farmers are working on. 

I also work closely with the Natural Resource Conservation Service (NCRS). There I do planning and make sure that improvements to farming and land access facilities are designed and installed properly so as to meet the specifications of the NRCS. Projects that we work on are things such as: animal waste facilities, heavy use pads, watering facilities, spring developments, fences, access roads, and ponds. These works are all through the EQIP program that the NRCS has in its services.

As well I am involved with educational events throughout the county. A couple of the educational events I help with and am a part of putting on is the Washington County Soil Judging contest and the Farm City Day that is put on for 5th graders throughout the county schools to give the kids an idea of what goes on at a farm.

Craig Simms
Washington County Soil and Water
District Technician

Animal Waste Storage
Animal waste Animal Waste Storage is a practice that is used to store manure. This helps to prevent manure from running into watersheds and contain the manure until it is able to be spread.


There are different types of fences put in: high tensile, woven wire, and barbwire. The number of strands and spacing depend on the couture of the land and preference of the landowner.
Watering Facilities  
Water tank Watering Facilities can be in pastures or on Heavy Use Pads. They can be concrete tanks as seen pictured or automatic waters that are commonly seen on Heavy Use Pads.
Heavy Use Pads  
Heavy use pad Heavy Use Pads are different sizes depending on the cow numbers of the landowner. Used to winter the cattle, it is a place where they can eat and drink without leaving the Heavy Use Pad.
Access Roads   

Access Road

Access Roads help farmers to use heavy traffic areas without causing soil loss or erosion. They can be concrete or gravel Access Roads.