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Communities Preventing Chronic Disease

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Jayne Call, Public Health Educator, supports environmental and system approaches to promote health, support and reinforce healthy behaviors and build support for lifestyle improvements for the general population and particular for those with pre-hypertension and pre-diabetes. 


Goals for Preventing Chronic Disease:

Short term Goals

  • Increased community environments that promote and reinforce healthful behaviors and practices related to obesity, diabetes prevention, and cardiovascular health, including key settings that support physical activity and healthful foods and beverages
  • Increased use and reach of strategies to build support for lifestyle change
  • Improved quality, effective delivery and use of clinical and other preventative services to increase management of pre-hypertension and pre-diabetes.  

Intermediate Goals
  • Increased consumption of nutritious food and beverages and increased physical activity
  • Increased engagement in lifestyle change programs
  • Improved medication adherence for adults with high blood pressure
  • Increased self-monitoring of high blood pressure tied to clinical support
  • Increased referrals to enrollment in lifestyle change programs

Long Term Goals
  • Reducing death and disability due to diabetes, heart disease and stroke by 3% in the implementation area, and reducing the prevalence of obesity by 3% in the implementation area