Services We Offer

We are here to assist you with the following services:

  • Assistance in establishing paternity through genetic testing
  • Attachment of wages, bank accounts, unemployment benefits, government retirement checks, federal and state income tax refunds, and bonus benefits
  • Collection and the disbursement of payments
  • Establishment of a child support or medical support order
  • Enforcement of support and medical orders
  • Initiation of wage withholding
  • Location of absent parents responsible for support
  • Maintenance of child support records
  • Modification of support orders and health coverage responsibilities

Services We Can Not Offer

Unfortunately, the CSEA can not handle all questions/problems that may arise in your case. The following are examples of common questions/requests that may arise that you may need to seek legal counsel or outside assistance with.

We can not assist you with the following:

  • We can not deal directly with issues of visitation and/or custody. This must be pursued through private action in the Court or by calling the Washington County Visitation Mediation Program at 740-350-3194.
  • We can not offer and/or dispense legal advice. This should be handled by a private attorney.
  • We do not provide representation for the Obligor or Obligee at court hearings. Although the CSEA will have an attorney present at court hearings, the attorney represents the CSEA and the state, not the individual Obligor or Obligee or children
  • We do not provide copies of Journal Entries for Common Pleas (General or Juvenile Division) Orders. These can be obtained through the Clerk of Courts
  • We can not give credit for direct payments not made through the CSEA. By law, direct payments are considered a gift. The parties can petition the Court to credit direct payments
  • We can not dictate or verify how support money is utilized (i.e. rent, utilities, food, clothing, etc.)
  • We can not use an Obligor's or Obligee's current spouse's income when determining the support obligation because that person is not legally obligated to support your child
  • We can not address any spousal support issue not related to collection and disbursement of payments
  • We can not assist with the completion of paperwork or filing of private motions