County Home

Washington County Home History

The people of Washington County have been taking care of their own since the first home was built in 1840, which is over 180 years of continuous service to our community. The present county home was erected in 1976 near the site of the original facility. It's an efficient, modern Georgian structure built to serve 60 people of various needs. The home is located in a pleasant rural setting on County House Lane and is accessible from Ohio Routes 7 and 26.

Responsibility & Mission

The Washington County Home has a three-fold responsibility:

  • To our residents:
    • Providing care to meet not only the physical needs, but also the social, psychological and spiritual.
    • To help each one achieve and maintain the highest possible level of independence consistent with his or her condition.
    • To respect the individuality, privacy, likes and dislikes of each person to the greatest extent possible.
    • To provide a courteous, neat, trained and qualified staff who cares about our residents.
  • To the families and friends of our residents:
    • To assure them that their trust in us is justified.
    • To help them appreciate the continued personal worth of their loved one.
    • To help them adjust and accept the limitations involved be it physical, emotional, societal or a combination.
    • To involve them, where possible, in the life of their loved one.
  • To our staff and employees:
    • To provide a good, safe working environment with competitive wages and benefits.
    • To provide training and guidance to insure job understanding and performance.
    • To provide for continued growth, advancement and security in response to demonstrated job performance and loyalty.
    • To offer guidance and counseling to aid career planning.

"The King will reply, 'I tell you the truth, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did for me.'" Matthew. 25:40 NIV