Clerk of Courts


Please take a few minutes to view the many services of both the Title and the Legal division. As Washington County clerk of courts, I provide the citizens of Washington County the services so vitally needed. I have an increased emphasis on customer service and I together with my staff await the opportunity to serve the needs of Washington County. If you have concerns, comments or an unsatisfactory experience, please contact me.

Brenda Wolfe
Washington County Clerk of the Courts

About The County & The Clerk

The concept of a clerk of court dates back to the medieval cleric. Clerics were responsible for issuing writs and other correspondence ordered by the court. In Ohio, the clerk of courts became a part of the state constitution in 1802 when the judicial system was put in place. In 1851 the Ohio Constitution called for a three-year elected term and was extended to four years in 1936.

Varied Responsibilities

The clerk of courts has many different responsibilities. There are more than 310 sections of the Ohio Revised Code dealing with duties of the county clerk of court. The clerk administers all titled vehicles in the county through the Title Division. In 1999, Ohio’s 88 counties processed and certified 5.3 million titles. They also collected and disbursed more than $48 million in title fees and $875 million in tax dollars for the state of Ohio.

The clerk of courts administers the Legal Division and Title Division and serves as the clerk for the 4th Appellate District Court of Appeals for Washington County. The clerk is described as being the "keeper of the records" of the County Common Pleas Court and the Court of Appeals. The clerk records all the paperwork filed through the court, keeps the records on civil, domestic and felony criminal cases and collects money for court costs. Clerks have the authority to administer oaths, take and certify affidavits. Clerks also serve as passport agents for the federal government.

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