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Information on Titles
Always call the Title section of the Clerk of Courts at 740-373-5517 for information if you are in doubt or have any questions concerning the title of a motor vehicle, trailer, mobile home, boat or any vehicle that requires to be titled.

Note to Notary

Before a notary attempts to notarize the assignments or applications section on an Ohio title, all information requested must be completed in full before the buyer or seller swears that the information is correct.

Vehicle & Boat Titles

Application for vehicle and boat titles must be made within 30 days of assignment or purchase or a $5.00 late fee will be assessed.

To secure a title for a new vehicle, boat, or motor, applicants must have a completed Ohio application, a Manufacturer Certificate of Origin (MCO), the odometer statement, the selling price, and all required fees. To secure a title for used vehicles, boats, or motors, the previous owner's properly assigned title with the selling price and mileage is needed.

When an Ohio resident purchases a used vehicle from another state a serial number verification is required prior to a new title being issued. The serial number inspection can be obtain from the License Bureau or a car dealer.

Finally, special affidavits for vehicle title transfer are available for the surviving spouse. A surviving spouse may transfer up to two motor vehicles with a combined appraised value of no more than $40,000. The surviving spouse must present the death certificate, a surviving spouse affidavit, and the original title along with a completed application that has been signed and notarized. The surviving spouse affidavit and notarization services are available from the Clerk of Courts Title Division or may be downloaded from Auto Title Forms.

Mobile Home Titles

Processing a title for a new mobile home title requires a completed application, a new mobile home Manufacturer Certificate of Origin (MCO), the selling price, and all required fees. For a used mobile home, the previous owner's properly assigned title, including purchase price, and the county treasurer's stamp and a county auditors stamp as evidence property taxes have been paid in full are required.

New Ohio Residents
Persons moving into Ohio must have a serial number inspection completed before applying for an Ohio title. If your title is being held by a financial institution we can assist you by requesting that the title be forwarded to our office. An Ohio Drivers License or 2 other current proofs of Ohio residency are also required before an Ohio title will be issued.

Lost or Stolen Title

The owner may complete the application for duplicate title if there is no lien or the lien has been canceled. If there is a lien on the vehicle, the lien holder must apply for the duplicate title.

The title number is required in order to process a duplicate title. If you do not know the title number you will need the VIN number and the date of purchase. The VIN can be found on your registration.

Please be assured the Auto Title Division will make every attempt to help you even if you have none of the above information.