Fee Schedule

Type of FeeAmount
Domestic - Divorce or Dissolution$350.00
Civil Action (up to 5 defendants) (6th Deft additional $5.00 each)$300.00
Notice of Appeal Common Pleas (Workers Comp)$125.00
Notice of Appeal to Court of Appeals$125.00
Domestic Relations
Foreclosure, Quiet Title or Partition of Real Estate
Non-Real Estate Publication - Auto Accident etc.
Answer and Cross / Counter Claim$80.00
Debtors Exam$100.00
Foreign Judgment$100.00
Filling Foreign Subpoena Services$200.00
Foreign Sheriff Service (Wood County West Virginia $20.00 Must send with Papers)$15.00
Qualified Domestic Relations Order$80.00
Change Custody$200.00
Modify Support$200.00
Modify Visitation$200.00
Counter Motion$35.00
Visitation Mediation$125.00
Lump Sum Judgment$200.00
Judgment (Filing)$30.00
Judgment Release and Partial Release (All but Ohio Dept Tax)$5.00
Ohio Dept Tax Judgment including Workers Comp Judgments Release$35.00
Notary - Record (Notarized)$5.00
(Not Notarized)$7.00
Verification of Notary Signature (Each Signature / Paper)$2.00
Official Character$3.00
Photocopy per page$.10
Certified copy per page$2.00

Please Note:

  • Filing an Affidavit of Indigency only prevents paying the required deposit amount. Court cost will be billed at the conclusion of the action.
  • Remit payment by MasterCard / Visa, money order, official bank check, or cash payment of a filing fee is necessary before processing any of the documents listed on the fee schedule.