Common Pleas Court

The General Division of the Washington County Court of Common Pleas is a court of record that handles felony criminal, large civil and domestic cases. All courtroom proceedings are recorded. We are in the Fourth District of the Court of Appeals.

The General Division has two Judges. Courtroom A is presided over by Judge Mark Kerenyi and Courtroom B is presided over by Judge John M. Halliday. The General Division also has one Domestic Magistrate Shoshanna M. Brooker. The courtrooms and the Magistrate’s hearing room are located on the third floor of the main courthouse.

The Court of Common Pleas is responsible for generating the jury pool for all the Courts in Washington County - Marietta Municipal Court Jury, Grand Jury and Petit Jury. The selection is done by computer. Initial exemptions and excuses are determined by the County Jury Commissioners in December of each year for the following calendar year. Once a person is assigned to a specific Court for jury service, all excuses and rescheduling are handled by the Court from where the summons was issued.

Jury Service and Selection
Mediation Services are available for both domestic and civil cases.
Common Pleas Court Staff
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