Juvenile Center

The Court also operates the Washington County Juvenile Center, a residential treatment and rehabilitation program for boys and girls between the ages of 12 and 18 which lasts an average of six months. The Center can accommodate 25 children in the program.

Our Mission

The Center's mission is to provide a safe, structured residential environment where a delinquent youth receives professional help and support to address the problems causing the negative behaviors that brought the youth to Court through a behavior modification program. The center challenges the residents to modify their behaviors by changing the way they think.

Parent Involvement

The Judge, recognizing the importance of involving the youth's family in the program, orders parents to participate in family counseling, team meetings, parent/teacher conferences, and parenting education classes conducted at the Center.

Services at the Center

Qualified and caring professionals individualize services for the youth and their family, in order to facilitate a change in not only the youth's behavior but also the youth's home environment.