Responsibilities of the Prosecutor

The office of the Washington County prosecuting attorney serves many functions within the framework of county government. The prosecutor and his staff are responsible for the prosecution of all felony cases. This includes advising law enforcement officers about legal questions which may arise during investigations, assisting in the procurement of search and arrest warrants, presentation of the cases at preliminary hearing, at grand jury, and at trial. Should there be appeals, the Prosecutor's Office presents the cases to both the Court of Appeals and to the Supreme Court of the State of Ohio, and, if necessary, to the United States Supreme Court. The office reviews over two hundred cases each year.


The Prosecutor's Office also prosecutes juveniles charged with being delinquent and unruly in Juvenile Court. The prosecutor also represents Washington County Children Services in cases involving abused, neglected, and dependent children.

Legal Services

The prosecutor serves as the lawyer for all county government offices and agencies, 22 townships, and four school districts. The office provides legal opinions, prepares legal documents, reviews contracts, initiates law suits on behalf of the governmental entities, and defends them in courts and before administrative agencies.