Lost Dogs

Reporting a Lost Dog

Contact the Dog Warden's office at (740) 376-7070 ext 0. Our office will fill out a Lost Dog Report. Give us the most detailed description of your dog possible. The more you can tell us about your dog, the easier identification will be for us. We receive almost 500 dogs per year, and detailed descriptions are a must! The color of the collar is also extremely helpful.

Visit the Humane Society of the Ohio Valley to look for your dog. Our employees will work very hard to help identify your dog, but many dogs look a great deal alike. Also, every dog that is brought to the shelter is scanned for a microchip. The dog is also compared to all lost dog reports on hand before the impoundment is complete.

Information Needed for Lost Dog Report

  • Breed / type of dog
  • Color(s) of dog
  • Age of dog
  • Color(s) of collar, if any
  • Tags on collar, if any
  • Dog's name
  • Owner's name
  • Owner's address
  • Owner's contact number
  • Area (address) where dog was lost if not same as owner's address
  • Date lost, and date reporting
  • Any special characteristics, and/or microchips / tattoos

The more information you can give us about the dog, the better we can identify your dog.