Fire Service

Firefighers, fire station, and fire truck

Fire Departments

Washington County has 18 fire departments, 17 volunteer departments, one full-time department, and two EMS-only departments.

The fire departments throughout Washington County provide basic firefighting duties, auto extrication, EMS transport services, EMS first responder services, and public education. County Fire and EMS Directory (PDF).

14 fire and two EMS-only departments provide EMS transport services and four departments provide EMS first response services.

All Washington County fire departments are dispatched on fire and EMS calls by the Washington County Sheriff’s Office. The City of Belpre PSAP dispatches for the City of Belpre and the Barlow Township Fire Department. The City of Marietta PSAP dispatches for the City of Marietta Fire Department. When the 911 call is received, the dispatcher tones the appropriate department to respond to the call.

Hazardous Materials Response

The City of Marietta Fire Department provides hazardous material response to the county.