The Washington SWCD has the following equipment for rent or sale:

Items for rent

Brillion seederconventional grass seeding10ft45 HP min.$20 min. plus $4/acre over 5
JD No-till drillNo-till grass and small grains10ft85 HP min.$45 min. plus $9/acre over 5
Great Plains
No-till Drill
No-till grass and small grains6ft.45 HP min.$80 min. plus $8/acre over 10
Great Plains Turbo TillChops stalks and stubble for quicker breakdown10ft90 HP min.$45 min. plus $9/acre over 5
Lime SpreadersSpreading lime ONLY 5 Ton50 HP min.$40 min. plus $2/ton over 20 ton
Live trapsUsed to remove unwanted pest1 med & 1 small
$5.00 returnable deposit
aquatic rakeUsed to remove aquatic weeds and algae from water.1
$5.00 returnable deposit

Items for sale

TOPO Maps$8.00
Filter Fabric$1.75 per foot