Poll Workers & Polling Places

Find your Polling Location with our locator tool and visit our Polling Location Gallery to see pictures of the actual locations.

If you are interested in becoming a poll worker, you must be a registered voter, and must have previously voted a party in a primary election. To get on the list in Washington County, please fill out this form.

A list of requirements for becoming a poll worker and other useful information can be found at the Secretary of State's website.

Desired Poll Worker Qualifications

  • Have a Positive Attitude
  • Be courteous and attentive to the voters
  • Possess civic pride, want to do the job
  • Ability to follow directions
  • Possess some mathematical skills, the signature book and the clerk's book need to balance with the number of ballots that were processed through the M100. Poll worker must be able to account for every ballot.
  • The poll worker should be able to operate electronic equipment. They need to be comfortable with machines like a DVD and microwave--must be able to find the card in the M100 so they can insert it and take it out. If they have difficulty during the Election Day, it is helpful in the communications process if the poll worker has some ability to communicate about electronic equipment.
  • Respects Voter privacy at all times
  • Be available to work in the polling place for the entire day
  • Be willing to absentee vote if they are not working in their own precinct so they can stay in their assigned polling place for the entire day.