Healthy Communities

Healthy Communities

A healthy community is one in which community groups, schools, worksites, churches and healthcare providers work towards the common goal of making the healthy choice the easy choice. A healthy community will promote social and physical environments that encourage citizens to be active, eat well, eliminate tobacco use and utilize preventative health services.

The most effective strategies for creating healthy communities are usually born of collaboration, as demonstrated by previous successes within Washington County that have been funded, in part, through the Creating Healthy Communities Program.

Devola Multi-Use Trail

Through efforts of community partners and the Washington County CHC Coalition there is a multi-use trail in Devola.

Buell Island Park

CHC has helped in refurbishing Buell Island Park's basketball court and installing a volleyball net. The park in 2016 has also gone smoke-free.

Civitan Park

One of the major parks in Belpre, OH. has installed two new playground equipment: see-saw and spinami. It has been a big hit with the kids and parents.

Belpre Area Ministries

The Ministry offers many services to the Belpre community. One of the main service is their food pantry. New refrigerator and freezers are installed at this food pantry to increase storage of healthier food items.

Marietta Trail Network

Spearheaded by the River Valley Mountain Bike Association, the Marietta Trail Network is an ever-growing, fifteen-mile trail system that runs through the heart of Marietta. The trails link community parks, schools and neighborhoods and makes walking, hiking, trail running and mountain biking easily accessible to all.

Community Gardens

Washington County is currently home to seven community gardens, which are coordinated through the Washington County Harvest of Hope. These gardens allow citizens with limited land or resources to grow their own vegetables. Over 100 Washington County families are served through these gardens, which are also gleaning projects, where portions of harvests are donated to local food pantries to serve our most-risk residents.

Washington Playground Revitalization

The Fountain took the lead in revitalizing Washington Playground, one of Marietta's most utilized public playgrounds. Through their efforts, the park now boasts a new gazebo, soccer field, water fountain and playground equipment.

Jackson Park Revitalization

Through the efforts of many community members and organizations, Marietta's Jackson Park is being returned to a vital greenspace within the community. The Marietta Community Dog Park opened there in 2012. Current work includes building a new activity shelter, planting trees, constructing benches, adding water fountains and repairing the basketball courts.

Indian Acres Skate Park

Through community partnerships and the grassroots efforts of Skaters United, Washington County is now home to the Mid-Ohio Valley's first skate park! Situated in Indian Acres Park, the skate park provides a designated venue for the region's burgeoning skateboard community. Community collaboration allowed the skate park to be built at a fraction of the cost of similar facilities.

Disc Golf Course at Broughton's

Disc golf is a fast-growing activity that can be enjoyed by everyone! Play is similar to golf, except participants throw Frisbee style discs into baskets, as opposed to hitting balls in holes. Want to give it a try? Visit Broughton's Nature and Wildlife Area to visit one of the region's few tournament level courses.

Cutler Community Center

The old Cutler School now served the residents of western Washington County as the cutler Community Center, providing residents with a local meeting place for community events and activities. The Center now includes a fitness room, community garden, food pantry, refurbished playground, and other various resources to serve the community. The Center has a food pantry that has switched to client choice food pantry, allowing patrons to pick what they want to take home.

Tai Chi for Arthritis and Fall Prevention

With an aging population in Washington County it is important to develop activities that can be sustained into our later years. The Washington County Retired Senior Volunteer Program (RSVP) is doing just that by coordinating Tai Chi classes throughout the county. Tai Chi is a fantastic exercise that has been scientifically proven to reduce accidental falls and the symptoms of arthritis, while improving circulation, mental acuity, and range of motion.

Senior Recreation at the O'Neill Center and Belpre Senior Center

The O'Neill Center provide a wide array of wellness opportunities for those 50 years of age and older. chair volleyball, Zumba, line dancing, Tai Chi, and biking are just a sampling of the many activities that are available.

Belpre High School

The Belpre Middle/High School has a green house that is used for harvesting vegetables for the school salad bar to be served to the students and staff. It is also utilized for science classes and added into the curriculum of certain science classes.

Washington County Career Center

The career center has a green house that was mainly used for landscaping department. They were generous enough to allow space to produce vegetables for the school salad bar, so students have more options to chose from rather than having a pre-packaged salad.

Belpre Elementary School

For safe travel from the residential area to the school, a walking path has been constructed.

Does your Community Need Assistance?

Contact Sherry Ellem at (740) 374-2782; 3342 or  via email if your community could use assistance in helping its residents eat better or become more active.