Personal and Local Preparedness Guides and Links

During an emergency, the first thing we all think about is the safety of our families.

Here at the health department we encourage our employees to prepare for emergencies with their families. When people know their families are prepared by having a communication plan, a disaster supply kit, and knowing emergency procedures, they will be ready to respond to help protect the public's health.

No matter the type of emergency, a snowstorm, flood or disease outbreak, if you have 3-4 days of food and water on hand, an emergency communications plan, and a little preparedness training, things will go much easier.

Several resources are listed below to help you form a plan, assemble a kit and know what to do next time disaster strikes.

Planning, Preparing a Kit, Staying Informed
The Plan
Preparedness for People with Disabilities
Fema Basic Preparedness Guide
Safe And Well- Enables people within a disaster area to let their friends and loved ones outside of the affected region know of their well-being
CDC Preparedness Guides

Local Emergency Planning Committee