Sewage Program

Home Sewage Treatment System (STS) Permitting Process

Use of Licenced Installer

  1. Fill out the permit application (plat or survey map) and pay the fee
  2. Schedule a soil survey with the sanitarian
  3. Homeowner is responsible for equipment to dig test holes
  4. Home/building placement is helpful
  5. Sanitarian conducts on-site soil survey
  6. Sanitarian designs a system based on soil survey
  7. Permit To Install (PTI) is issued
  8. Homeowner contacts licensed installers for quotes
  9. Homeowner selects licensed installer
  10. Licensed installer installs septic system (but NOT cover-up)
  11. Sanitarian performs cover-up inspection
  12. Licensed installer covers system up
  13. WCHD issues the final permit
  14. Homeowner picks up the homeowner education folder from WCHD


  1. Homeowner must pass STS Exam and supply certificate to WCHD before any work can be conducted
  2. STS Exam can be taken at:

We permit and inspect the installation of residential and commercial (1000 gallons a day or less flow) sewage treatment systems within Washington County. 

**We also inspect household sewage treatment systems on homes or properties that are being sold. NOTE: It is not required by the Health Department that a system be inspected prior to a property being sold. It may be required by the buyer and/or lending agency.

Home Sewage Treatment System (STS) Permitting Process (PDF)

Septic System Inspection Form (PDF)

Sewage System Pumpers

Sewage System Pumpers

Sewage Treatment System (STS) Service Providers

Sewage Treatment System (STS) Service Providers