Vital Statistics Data

The following graphic includes data for death certificates filed at the Washington County Health Department for the Washington County General Health District.  No other Health District data is included.  Causes of death are grouped according to general categories rather than by specific disease or diagnosis.  COVID-19 is included in the "Influenza, Pneumonia, Emphysema" group and is not listed separately.  For specific Corona Virus data, please visit the Ohio Department of Health Corona Virus website.

The Washington County Health Department records between 300 and 350 certificates per year.  This data is updated monthly.

Pending causes of death are updated when final reports are filed by the Coronor's office listing a cause and manner of death.

The number of deaths due to Heart Disease has been on an upward trend over the past 5 years. Heart Disease is preventable with a healthy diet and exercise program. Visit our Healthy Living page for resources to help you take control of your heart.