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1. What are the registration deadlines?
2. When is the election?
3. When are the polls open?
4. How do I vote absentee?
5. How do I change my political party?
6. How do I become a poll worker?
7. When does my absentee ballot get counted?
8. Where do I get or submit my voter registration form?
9. How can I update my registration?
10. Am I qualified to register to vote in Ohio?
11. May a college student register and vote from his or her school address in Ohio?
12. Will I need an ID to vote?
13. May I receive assistance in voting?
14. What is a provisional ballot?
15. How is the Director chosen for Washington County?
16. How is the presiding judge chosen?
17. What is Washington County's Public Records Policy?
18. When does my ballot need to be received in order to be counted?
19. What address may I list as my residence address?
20. May a 17-year-old ever vote in an election?
21. How does Washington County handle the ballot for a 17-year-old voter in a Primary?