What if I can't stay the entire Election Day?
You will not be able to participate in Youth at the Booth unless you are able to complete the training and work all day on Election Day. Please do not sign up for this program if you cannot make a commitment to attend (this requires adding it to your calendar, informing parents, coaches, teachers, and any employer that you will be unavailable for the entire day). You cannot work a partial day at the polls! You must provide your own transportation.

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1. When is my training?
2. What if I can't stay the entire Election Day?
3. Why do I have to select a political party?
4. Will I be paid? Why do you need my social security number?
5. Why do I have to be registered to vote if I'm only 17?
6. What if I have already registered to vote?
7. When will I know my poll assignment? How will I know where to go?
8. How do I get to my poll location?
9. What should I wear?
10. Will I get a break for lunch? Any other breaks? Should I bring food?
11. Can I bring things to do?
12. Why should I vote absentee?
13. When will I be paid?