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Public Record Request

  1. On-Line Public Records Request, Washington County, Ohio
  2. I understand that there are some records maintained by Washington County government offices that by law are not available for public review.
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    NOTE ON FEES: The County Recorder's Office does NOT email records, and all copies are priced per page at $2.00.

  4. Please consider the following when filling out the bottom portion of this form:
    Please note that although you are not required to fill out a form or provide your name we may be unable to fulfill online requests without some means of contacting you. If you wish to make a request for public records without providing such information, please consider an alternative method of making your request.
  5. (xxx) xxx-xxxx
  6. For questions/assisstance when filling out this form, please contact Ben Cowdery, Clerk, Washington County Commissioners at:, or (740) 373-6623, ext. 2011.
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