Bid Number: 2021-001
Bid Title: Operation of Transit System for Washington County, Ohio
Category: Commissioners
Status: Closed


RFP sealed bids.

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Taking questions until November 12th, 2021.

Below are the questions received and the answers.

1. The RFP references a brochure on page 21 for a holiday list and a brochure is not attached. Is a brochure available? Yes, multiple brochures are available upon request.

2. Will Washington County personnel complete annual grant applications, quarterly invoicing and other reports as required to ODOT? Vendor is required to assist Washington County with reports required by ODOT.

3. Is Morgan County exempt from submitting a bond requirement as a local government? No. All vendors must comply with the bond requirement.

4. Does Washington County have an existing radio and repeater system for the transit fleet? Yes.

5. Will tablets and radios be provided on all vehicles? Yes.

6. If there aren't enough vehicles to meet the demand of service in Washington County, whose responsibility will it be to provide additional vehicles? Washington County provides the vehicles and we currently have enough to meet our current schedule of transit service offered.

7. If the service provider is in charge of vehicle maintenance, vehicle information would be helpful to estimate costs. VIN, year, mileage. (1FDFE4FP0ADA39653, 2010 year, 125,868 miles) (1FDEE35P89DA21291, 2009 year, 195,268 miles) (1FDFE4FS8BDA45559, 2011 year, 154,770 miles) (1FDFE4FS7CDA19181, 2012 year, 179,380 miles) (1FDEE3FL7CDA92999, 2012 year, 237,408 miles) (1FDEE3FL5EDA72723, 2014 year, 112,796 miles) (2C7WDGBG8KR803006, 2019 year, 16,564 miles) (2C7WDGBG5KR801035, 2019 year, 13,234 miles) (2C7WDGBG7K793746, 2019 year, 1,849 miles) (2C7WDGBG1KR784458, 2019 year, 1,238 miles)

8. Could the service provider lease parking lot spaces from Washington County Commissioners? At this time there are no arrangements for this.

9. Could employees clock in at a Washington County facility so they do not have to drive to Morgan County to start their day? We expect vendor to have staff located in Washington County. Walk-ins are a frequent occurrence.

10. Who is responsible for vehicle supplies like fire extinguishers and first-aid kits? Vendor is responsible for vehicle supplies.

Publication Date/Time:
9/23/2021 12:00 PM
Closing Date/Time:
11/18/2021 10:00 AM
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