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Once a child support order is issued, the Child Support Enforcement Agency (CSEA) can help your child receive the support they are entitled to in a variety of ways.

Issue income withholdings to the Obligor’s employer, the Bureau of Worker’s Compensation, the Bureau of Employment services, disability, and bank accounts. If an Obligor is determined to be in default, (falls one month behind in payments) the obligor is reported to the credit bureau and an automatic arrears payment - 20% of the current support order is added if an arrears payment is not already being made.

Other enforcement remedies:

  • License suspension (driver’s, occupational and recreational licenses), federal and state tax refund intercept, seize assets including bank accounts, passport denial for default/arrears cases.

  • Judicial remedies include civil contempt proceedings, filing liens on property owned by individuals who owe arrears and referrals to the prosecuting attorney for criminal non support..

  • The Ohio Lottery notifies the CSEA of any winnings that are eligible for interception.

  • The court can issue an unemployed obligor a seek work order which requires them to actively search for employment or participate in a job training program.