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Washington County's Animal Bite Policy

Washington County's Animal Bite Policy

(Adopted by the Washington Co. Board of Health 4-3-2001)

  1. The Washington County Health Department as required by section 3701-3-28 of the OAC must investigate ALL animal bites.
  2. An animal bite report must be filed within 24 hours of the bite, with the Washington County Health Department.
  3. The employee, appointed by the Health Commissioner, stamps the report with the date and the time received.
  4. The employee then takes the bite report and contacts the owner of the animal.
  5. The report is verified with the owner and any missing information is obtained.
  6. The employee explains the Washington County quarantine procedure to the owner of the animal.
  7. The veterinarian is contacted to verify the status of the animal's rabies vaccine.
  8. The employee notifies the person bitten of the vaccine status and of the quarantine procedure.
  9. Any animal with a current vaccine is quarantined for 10 days.
  10. ALL animals with an expired vaccine are to be examined and vaccinated by a licensed veterinarian prior to release from quarantine.  ALL vaccines must be made current before the animal can be released from quarantine.
  11. The owner is required to send the verification of examination form to the Washington County Health Department.
  12. The county employee completes, signs, dates and files the animal bite report.

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